Here are the questions I emailed the SEC's main media spokesperson early Monday morning.

Is Pfizer now an official “corporate sponsor” of the SEC Network? Or, as I asked in a follow-up email, of the SEC proper?

When was this sponsorship agreement finalized? Has the SEC publicly announced this sponsorship in any kind of press release? If not, why not? (I have found several other sponsorships that were announced by the SEC Network and companies through press releases).

Regarding the “updated Covid booster shot,” does this commercial and sponsorship partnership mean that the SEC endorses the view that every fan of SEC athletics should get this booster shot?

Is the SEC encouraging its student-athletes, coaches and athletic staff to get these boosters?

Will there be any type of sanctions or extra protocol requirements for athletes and coaches who choose to not get the booster shot (as there was for athletes and coaches who did not get the original vaccines)?

What percentage of SEC student athletes and coaches have already gotten this booster shot?

Is this booster shot required or strongly encouraged for employees at The SEC offices and employees of the SEC Network?

What percentage of employees at the SEC offices have already received the booster? If employees choose to not get the booster, will there be any repercussions for these employees?

Does the SEC believe that the booster shots reduce the likelihood those who get this shot will be infected by the novel coronavirus (and thus develop Covid)?

Does the SEC believe this shot will reduce the incidence of community spread?

Does the SEC believe the boosters only prevent the possibility of “severe” cases of Covid or the possibility of death?

How many SEC student-athletes, coaches and athletic staff members have died from COVID since March 2020?

How many SEC student athletes, coaches and athletic staff members have developed a “severe” case of Covid since March 2020? (I define a “severe” case as one where an infected person was hospitalized for at least two days).

If no athlete, coach, etc. has died from or experienced a severe case in almost three years, why do they need a shot to prevent them from severe outcomes that have never happened?

Asked differently, WHY does the SEC believe everyone should get this Pfizer booster shot?

My early research has found at least one example (Pilot) stating that a corporate sponsorship with the SEC Network requires an annual financial contribution to the Network (or Walt Disney Company) of at least the “mid-7 figures” (which would be several million dollars). Is this correct?

Asked more directly, how much money did Pfizer pay the SEC Network or its parent company to become a corporate sponsor?

Lastly, 13 of the 14 member institutions of the SEC are public universities, meaning they receive tax-payer funding. Should the public be able to learn the answers to the above questions? Does the SEC and its member institutions support the concept of “transparency” and accountability regarding its policies and corporate sponsors?

Thank you very much for your answers and any information that addresses these questions.

Also, please let me know if I could interview yourself or any official with the SEC office for this story.


Bill Rice, Jr.

Follow-up email:

Is the SEC aware of any possible cases of vaccine injuries or adverse events that could be traced to the vaccines?

If so, did doctors follow-up on this possible connection? For example, has any vaccinated athlete been diagnosed with myocarditis after receiving at least one dose of vaccine?

Also, have there been any cases of myocarditis believed to have been caused by the novel coronavirus?

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Woke before all.

Common sense no longer common

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Omg. We must stop these colleges and universities mandating the shots. I’m aware of several lawsuits in the private sector, first responders, etc. Are there any against a university? If we win just one...

There are so many kids at such risk!

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Fascism is defined as a coalescence of thought between business, government, entertainment, and throw sports into too because why WOULD the new Marxist, progressive (the murdering Soviet state called themselves "progressive") left leave sports alone?

Anything that CAN be exploited and usurped by godless collectivists will be. You either fight them or eventually they kill you and take your stuff.

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Here's a list of public schools that took blood money. I imagine the only reason this info is available is a disclosure requirement for public school funding.

Keep in mind that schools aren't the only entities to take blood money: corporations (especially those related to healthcare), small businesses, state and local health departments, and even churches took govt and pharma payola as well.


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Good points, Bill. I should be principled and refuse to watch SEC games. But the Bama games are the only sports I watch.

Since the vaxxes began, I have been concerned that some player--esp. a big lineman--would have some bad vaxx effect. I feel very bad for that kid from Miss. St.

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In the long haul...humanity has been SINNED AGAINST by corporations who would call mRNA gene therapy "vaccine". That was a lie told for money. I believe this will WILL turn out to be the biggest lie ever told. I'm 63. I've been self employed all my life....independently minded....anti-authority.

The world CHANGED so quickly in the last 3 years. Our population is being primed for world government. We aren't there yet but that's where the fight is....for the USA to accept a world government. I have a PhD bro-in-law....he's totally ready for world government.

I expect before too long there will be a multiplying of fascism ....unless we flood over their cheating this upcoming election. But note....the entire last 20 years of elections have been critical to America's direction....and we are now 31 trillion in debt.

We aren't winning when people like the Pelosis and McConnels and Bidens aren't in jail for grifting.

They ARE destroying America ON PURPOSE and the sooner we realize the sooner they die politically.

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Pfizer should be banned from sponsoring anything EVER

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Scary times, my dear.

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Maybe Sankey should take a course in critical thinking at one of the SEC Universities. The danger of the c19 death jab are very clear if you look at the evidence. Phizer lied about the clinical trial evidence, the jab is not safe nor effective. It is in fact, the most deadly "vaccine" in history with the number still going up. How.many pieces of silver did Sankey sell the SEC sponsorship for? Ignorance is not an excuse.

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Looks like the SEC has now become a part of Satan's seed, along with NBA, NFL and MLB.

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The love of $ is the root of all kinds of evil, the apostle Paul famously wrote.

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SEC made a deal with the devil. Those never end well.

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Some very excellent thoughts, Bill, most especially (this being America) the looming bogeyman of future liability. The Wuhan Madness luckily only touched the Free Peninsula of Florida in passing, but it infected portions of the country in a very serious way.

I call it "Long Wuhan," which is my name for the ongoing, Stockholm Syndrome-like conviction some people have that all of the crap these petty tinpot dictators thrust upon the bizarrely willing sheeple was "worth it" and - more terrifying - "worked."

Rather than drop it and let us all get on with our lives, they are committed to declaring with their lives - fine - and everyone else's - not at all fine - that kabuki masks, enforced jabs of Pfizer poison, school shutdowns and business lockdowns were all wonderful and should be kept going.

Pfizer's motives are even clearer.

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great article. FJB

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